20 Years Open Call 

The annual Jokerweek of 2019 ‘Cyclorama’ is dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Open Call. The Open Call was established in 1999 by the first Government Architect bOb Van Reeth and remains until today one of the means of the Flemish Government Architect to achieve ambitious and qualitative architecture for projects by Flemish regional and local authorities. The Jokerweek 2019 seizes upon the anniversary to explore the results of the procedure. 

The open access archive of documenting the successive series of Open Calls forms a point of departure for the joint assignment. The 37 Open Calls launched between 1999 and 2019 encompass a total of 672 projects, of which 457 have been realized or are in the making. 

During the Jokerweek, a visual overview of all finished and ongoing projects will be realized. The entire cycling track of het Kuipke in Ghent will be transformed into a large panorama, showing all Open Calls projects embedded in the Flemish landscape.



The cycling track is divided into 36 segments, each containing a dozen Open Calls. Each group of students is assigned one segment and its accompanying set of Open Calls. The composition of Open Calls per segment is a direct consequence of the spatial dispersion of the projects in Flanders. Thus the segments are divided according to geography. 

Each segment of Open Calls fits into one of the following spatial conditions: the city, the provincial city, the urban fringe, the water front, and the countryside. Thus the 36 segments of the cycling track form both a complete overview of all the Open Calls and an approximate overview of the spatial conditions in Flanders, from city to countryside.